Notes in the Margins: Health care, computers and study abroad

Coping with health care reform’s provisions and ever-changing rules Officials at many colleges and universities are sitting on the sidelines of health care reform, not making any major changes to their health plans because they expect many aspects of the law to be reviewed, revised, or repealed. (University Business)

At more colleges, computers are replacing classrooms National surveys suggest that while online enrollments have skyrocketed in recent years, the interest shown by professors has remained the same. Some professors have embraced the new technology, some have asked for more training, and others simply want nothing to do with it. (Indianapolis Star)

Study Abroad in Hot Spots To function successfully abroad, universities — and students and parents — have to accept that uncertainty is the norm. (The New York Times)

An Online Classroom for AP Students In districts facing budget cuts, online advanced-placement courses are becoming a popular option for students and parents looking to gain an edge in the college-admissions race and trim tuition costs. (The Wall Street Journal)

Poll: Students grade high school down, college up The bulk of college students -- 6 in 10 -- declare themselves either "very" or "extremely" pleased with their higher education. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

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