Are Minnesotans a bunch of hipsters?

Minnesota Nice, sure... but Minnesota Hipster?

An article in BuzzFeed argues that Minnesota is the most Hipster state in the U.S. because, "although Minnesota has less than 1/3rd the population of New York state, it leads the nation in searches for the term 'hipster.'"

(Huh? Does that mean search results of Hipster pulled up a bunch of Minnesota references? Or does it mean Minnesotans use the search term Hipster more than anyone else?)

Author Chris Menning says the media tends to portray the hotbed of hipster-ism as the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, but "the typical Williamsburg hipster is essentially trying to portray the appearance of a Minnesotan."

Menning cites the abundance of flannel, live theater, music, farmers' markets and bike trails in his argument, but concludes:

"A hipster is just a Brooklynite who wishes they were from Minnesota because it's "more real," while genuine Minnesotans are exempt from the label."

What do you think? Is Minnesota a hotbed of hipster-ism?

What defines "hipster" anyway?

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