One local writer’s amazing discipline

Sheila O'Connor is both a novelist and a professor of novel writing at Hamline University in St. Paul. MPR's Euan Kerr recently interviewed O'Connor about her latest book "Sparrow Road," and in the process got a view into her very disciplined writing process:

As someone who teaches college, summertime is when O'Connor writes. She sets herself a start date every year to sit down to begin a new book -- this year, it's Monday May 30.

She'll write five hours a day, every day till it's done. And as in years past, she said she has no idea what she will write about.

"I am so nervous," she said. "If I knew I'd be sleeping better at night, but right now I keep thinking 'what is the story? What's going to be ahead?'"

She doesn't even know for what age group she'll be writing, but for Sheila O'Connor that's all part of the adventure.

Five hours a day, every day?! So much for that summer vacation...

You can listen to the entire story about Sparrow Road by clicking on the link below:

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