Bon Iver’s new album cover by local artist Gregory Euclide

If you're a new music fan, you couldn't help but be bombarded by images of Bon Iver's latest album in the days and weeks leading up to yesterday's release.


The cover of Bon Iver's latest album, by Gregory Euclide.

And when I did see it, I thought - "hey, that looks really familiar."

That's because the cover was created by Minnesota artist Gregory Euclide, who was the subject of a feature story a while back by colleague Euan Kerr.

Euclide, who has shown his work locally at SOO Visual Arts and Groveland Gallery, creates rich layers of landscapes, sometimes even crumpling the paper to create whole new dimensions.

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Gregory Euclide with one of his "crumpled" landscapes

MPR Photo/Euan Kerr

What I love most about Euclide's work is his attention to detail - if you look closely at the Bon Iver album cover, you can see the amazing amount of work that went into creating this three dimensional piece. Here's just one detail:


Euclide is also the subject of a nice profile by Jessica Armbruster over at City Pages.