Who else is doing stem cell research?

Considering the anti-cloning amendment in this season's now-rejected state budget -- and the opposition by Minnesota's bio-med sector and the University of Minnesota -- I thought this list (which I've stumbled upon) might be of interest.

ABC News got from the National Institutes of Health a list of institutions conducting stem cell research:

  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute

  • McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine:

Before you keep reading ...

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  • National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource:

  • New York Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM):

  • Pittsburgh Development Center of Magee-Womens Research Institute:

  • Sloan-Kettering Institute:

  • Stanford University School of Medicine/Institute for Cancer/Stem Cell Biology and Medicine:

  • Texas Heart Institute Stem Cell Center:

  • Tulane University Center for Gene Therapy:

  • University of California, San Francisco/Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program:

  • University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute:

  • University of Minnesota: Stem Cell Institute:

  • University of Wisconsin/Embryonic Stem Cell Research:

(Might add context to the claims that other institutions are poaching the U's researchers.)

You can read the full article to get details of which institution is doing what. And here's the presentation the bio-med sector made earlier this year on what other states are doing in the the field.