Notes in the Margins: Microsites, MBAs and the textbook rebellion

In Search of a Perfect M.B.A. Candidate Business schools are getting more creative with their application processes—and are looking for more original responses from applicants via essays, PowerPoint presentations and even Twitter. (The Wall Street Journal)

‘Textbook Rebellion’ pushes for free, open books A pair of textbook mascots will be touring dozens of college campuses over the next few months to ask students, faculty members and others to sign a petition that urges higher education leaders to prioritize affordable textbooks or free e-books over the traditional, high-priced new books. Organizers are calling their campaign a “Textbook Rebellion.” (The Washington Post)

Colleges turn to microsites to attract prospective students Some institutions have begun experimenting with more offbeat microsites to collect information from prospective students and alumni. (USA Today)

Recent College Graduates Wait for Their Real Careers to Begin The Limbo Generation, college graduates who entered the job market after the economic downturn, take dead-end jobs while waiting to start their real careers. And waiting. And waiting. (The New York Times)

Bad ways to cut college costs Want to avoid college debt? Don’t cut back on the time you spend at college. Instead, pick a school that does not cost so much. (The Washington Post)

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