Notes in the Margins: Interviews, savings and social-media skills

Do Admissions Interviews Matter? While admissions interviews are powerful informational tools, they can be deeply flawed. (The New York Times)

How Colleges Punish Families Who Choose to Save Schools and the government should focus on income, not savings, when awarding financial aid assistance. (The Atlantic)

America's revolution in business school education U.S. business school reformers of the 1950s and '60s had high aspirations they didn't quite meet. The country, and the world, is still living with the consequences. Business schools are under the microscope again, their relevance and value questioned in many quarters. The financial crisis has triggered a self-examination of their raison d'etre.


 (Los Angeles Times)

Social Media Skills a Must for M.B.A.s, Survey Says Most potential students say they use sites like Facebook and Twitter to research school choices. (U.S. News & World Report)

Facebook puts a damper on class reunions' status Facebook makes it easier to find classmates and spread the word about a reunion, but also takes away the lure, some say. (USA Today)

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