Notes in the Margins: Transfers, immigrants and parents on Facebook

College students draw parents to Facebook, hope they behave For parents, Facebook offers them something that the instant communication of e-mail, text messaging and video conferencing cannot — an opportunity for them to participate in their children’s college social circles. (USA Today)

Should universities move more aggressively into online education? Two former governors call for the country's public universities to embrace online courses as a way to make going to college easier and to increase revenue. (The New York Times)

On Immigrant Tuition, Texans See It Perry’s Way Rick Perry’s tuition troubles have a lot to do with the difference between politics in Texas and politics everywhere else. His support for in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants — and the fact that he’s sticking with it — started a political tornado. (The New York Times)

The Luxurious Revenue College Sports Model The current national model has it that some impoverished kid from the inner city risks concussions and obesity to play football in order to pay for the scholarship of a javelin thrower and the salary of an assistant swimming coach and the plane fare for the volleyball team. That's a disgrace. (NPR)

UW System to ease transition for transfers, lessen stigma The University of Wisconsin System is trying to help transfer students get a degree more quickly and cheaply as part of its effort to increase the number of college graduates in the state. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via University Business)

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