Young Artists Initiative considers shutting its doors

The folks at Young Artists Initiative in St. Paul say unless things change, they will have to shut the organization's doors.

YAI provides arts education to youth who aren't able to afford more expensive programs. So far it's managed to do this by tapping a large volunteer base, and through donations.

But in a notice sent out to patrons, YAI announced it's calling for a "town hall meeting."

The organization will be presenting a list of needs to those who choose to join us that night. To put it plainly, if we don have enough people step forward to help do the work that will carry the organization forward, YAI will be unable to continue with a 2012 season, and the organization will have no choice but to close its doors.

YAI went on to state that it has "too critically low a number of people running the organization, and we can no longer carry the weight of the company on our own."

The meeting is scheduled for 7pm on November 1 at First Lutheran Church.

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