State Sen. Parry launches bid for 1st Dist. Congressional seat

Republican State Senator Mike Parry launched his bid Thursday to capture the congressional seat held by DFL-er Tim Walz.

Parry kicked off his congressional campaign with a tour of the first district.

His congressional race will focus on jobs and the economy — two issues that concern voters in that district, he said.

"They're concerned. I think they're just as disappointed as I am about what's happening and of course you have people who want to see a change," Parry said. "They don't think they're being represented the way they should be."

Parry is a business owner serving his first full term as a state senator. He was first elected in a 2010 special election.

"I would not do what Congressman Walz did. I would not have voted to increase the debt limit," he said. "I just don't believe we have a revenue problem. I still believe this country has a spending problem. We're out of control with out spending."

Walz is serving his third term as a Minnesota congressman. The state DFL party released a statement Thursday calling Parry a "tea party politician" with views far to the right of most residents in District 1.

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