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Lake City police officer still in critical condition

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A day after he was shot in the head while responding to a domestic dispute, Lake City Police Officer Shawn Schneider remains in critical condition at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester.

The nearly 8-hour standoff was prolonged as a precaution for officers and residents in the area, Goodhue County Sheiff Scott McNurlin said.

"I know that from a time perspective, it goes sometimes painstakingly slow. But we have everybody's best interest in mind when we try to do an operation like this," McNurlin said.

Officials identified the suspect as Alan Sylte Jr., 25, of Hager City, Wis., who was later found dead in the house. Sylte was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard and served a tour in Iraq in 2010. His veteran status was part of the reason officials took so many precautions during the standoff.

"That's always a consideration, but just because someone is a veteran doesn't necessarily mean that they possess a certain skills," McNurlin said. "But obviously, when you have one officer shot you know there is a weapon on the premises, we're going to take all due caution necessary."

Police say Sylte was involved in a domestic situation with a woman at the Lake City house shortly before the shooting Monday morning.

Schneider was shot when he and another officer responded to the call at after 8:30 a.m. Monday, Police Chief Gary Majchrzak said.

Sylte retreated into the house after firing shots at the officer.

Law enforcement officers from local, county and state agencies surrounded the house in Lake City and sealed off the block after the shooting. Nearby schools were ordered locked down as a precaution. Hours later, police entered the home to find Sylte's body.