Sviggum: I won't step down even if the U sees a problem

[audio href="" title="Steve Sviggum talks with Cathy Wurzer on Morning Edition"]Insert caption here[/audio]Here's what University of Minnesota regent Steve Sviggum told Morning Edition's Cathy Wurzer about how he'd react if the Board of Regents finds a potential conflict of interest between his regent's position and new job as Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus spokesman.

(And he sounded pretty adamant):

Wurzer: If the board comes back and says look Mr. Speaker, we think this a problem, you'll step down.

Sviggum: No.

Wurzer: From the board.

Sviggum: No.

Wurzer: So if they say this is a problem, you will not step down.

Sviggum: I don't intend to, Cathy. Again, you're talking about a hypothetical situation.


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