We choose our new theme music, Polica’s ‘Dark Star’

The Minneapolis group's first album Give You the Ghost comes out today. We chose one of the tracks, Dark Star, as the theme to the new show.

Photo courtesy of the band

You can hear the complete song on the band's site. Here's what it sounds like edited for The Daily Circuit:

Why this song? Program director Steve Nelson explains:

1. Energy. We wanted something that was propulsive with some forward momentum.

2. Modern. It had to be something new. Even though the song has a little bit of an 80s feel, it's definitely up to date.

3. Can you talk over it? If theme music has screaming guitars, it tends to fight with the host's voice for prominence. "Dark Star" is sparse but not boring.

4. Tone. We looked for music that would work with almost any topic, whether it was hard news or an author interview.

Bonus point 1. The song has a great ending for radio - a hard stop, and then a short sustain.

Bonus point 2. It's local!

-Stephanie Curtis, social media host

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