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17 book ideas for the fall

I'm in a Roaming and Reading mood-- maybe it's because I don't have a travel adventure planned until December. Until then, I'm going to let some wonderful novels take me far afield.

I've been reading "The Undertow" by Jo Baker. And "Portrait in Sepia" by Isabelle Allende, one of my all-time favorite writers.

What are you reading? And has it been influenced by a place you've been or are going?

@KerriMPR Pearl S. Buck's "Pavilion of Women" on a vacation to the U.P. No connection but can't forget the book or the destination.

— Anna Amundson (@AnnaAmundson4) October 23, 2014

@KerriMPR Not my last, but worthy of mention: first time ever skiing in Aspen, took along my first Stephen King novel: The Shining

— Wally Norlander (@WallyNorlander) October 23, 2014

@KerriMPR I just moved to Texas and the first book I happened to read was Isaac's Storm.

— Andy Finken (@finkster10) October 23, 2014

@KerriMPR Read Michael Caine's recent memoir while traveling in London. Good to have his voice in my head narrating the trip.

— Lisa M Knight (@LMK_MN) October 23, 2014

@KerriMPR Also Partly Cloudy Patriot driving through Montana and Little House on the Prairie driving through Kansas. (Kids in the car)

— Lisa M Knight (@LMK_MN) October 23, 2014

@KerriMPR Reading Huckleberry Finn, Moominsummer Madness, and Anne of Windy Poplars aloud with my kids. Thirty Girls by Minot for just me.

— DeNae vanWestrienen (@BigLoveEpicFail) October 24, 2014

@KerriMPR Catching up on 'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking' by Susan Cain; it's a necessary conversation.

— Danielle Creswick (@dc_strategic) October 24, 2014

@KerriMPR @MPRMembership @GreatDismal 's The Peripheral.

— The One Who Knocks (@shoulderroll) October 24, 2014

@KerriMPR reading "Bone Clocks" by David Mitchell and "A Tale for the Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki

— Russ Gheen (@RussGheen) October 24, 2014

@KerriMPR really enjoyed Haruki Murakami's latest "Colorless

— Russ Gheen (@RussGheen) October 24, 2014