Four ways to brighten your weekend

This week I've picked four events that are worth your time, even if their descriptions seem either confusing, boring or downright contradictory. Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you shouldn't always judge an event by its press release...

1. Picnic on the Battlefield

Theatre Novi Most presents a blending of two absurdist plays into "one slapstick-funny and dead-serious narrative" about the horrors of war. Impossible, you say? Not so fast. Initial reviews for this show have been enthusiastic, with one critic stating "Through brilliant observation and a taut thread of growing dread, [Lisa] Channer and [Vladimir] Rovinsky are able to close the first act with a searing moment of tragic reality that breaks the playful absurdity."


Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theatre

2. We, the Others

Before you keep reading ...

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Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater always takes on issues that address the essentials of human nature. Its latest work claims to ask the question "Can separation and opposition become a connecting place for finding the beauty in difference?"

If you find the question itself rather confusing, never fear; where language fails, dance moves in to the rescue.

3. Black and White: Absence of Color

This exhibition has the dubious honor of sporting a title that sounds simultaneously redundant and incorrect (because white, physicists will tell you, is actually composed of all colors of the spectrum).

But don't let this keep you you from taking in what promises to be a fun show. Mpls Photo Center covers the walls with great photo talent, and always puts on a nice party for their openings. In this case, the opening is tonight from 7 - 10pm.

4. Functional Redesign

The word "functional" is not the most compelling choice for seducing art lovers in your door. But at the heart of all great craft is the notion of function, and seeing true artists re-imagine such basic objects as teapots and dinnerware can be downright inspiring. The exhibition at the Northern Clay Center opens today and runs through April 29.

What are you doing this weekend?