Notes in the Margins: Cities, certificates and the skills gap

Should community colleges give four-year degrees? A detailed and thoughtful piece by two scholars at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York suggests one way to improve the mediocre reputation of two-year community colleges: Allow them to grant four-year bachelor degrees. (The Washington Post)

Gainful Employment Regulations Put on Hold Despite a recent court decision, advocates say more is needed to protect students. (U.S. News & World Report)

Does a Skills Gap Contribute to Unemployment? While job growth continues to be tepid and millions remain unemployed, many employers say they have jobs they can’t fill because they can’t find qualified workers. But is there really a skills gap or are companies simply not doing enough to find and train workers? (The New York Times)

More pursuing college certificates Credential helps students just starting education and professionals looking to gain skills. (The Detroit News via University Business)

Got student debt? Move fast, and some cities will help you pay it off. Some cities and counties looking to revitalize offer an incentive – help repaying student loans – to college grads who agree to relocate to their borders. Can it be a win-win for grads and struggling communities? (The Christian Science Monitor via NAICU)

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