Notes in the Margins: Vets, health care, and failure in learning

Flummoxed by Failure---or Focused? It's not about being smart. The key to students getting past unsuccessful moments is a flexible view of learning, writes Ken Bain. (The Wall Street Journal)

Some vets feeling shorted by the Army College Fund Some veterans are discovering that their Army College Fund is worth far less than they thought when they enlisted. (USA Today)

U-Va. takes major step in online education The leadership crisis that rent the University of Virginia last month arose partly out of fear that other elite schools were moving into the vanguard of a coming digital revolution, and that U-Va. stood to be left behind. (The Washington Post)

Healthcare Law Mandates Major Changes to College Student Plans In August, some students will see higher premiums; others will lose their student insurance plans. (U.S. News & World Report)

Backlash builds as for-profit schools rake in GI Bill funds Critics warn that some for-profit schools mislead veterans, who use their taxpayer-funded GI Bill money on hugely expensive educations with bleak job prospects. (Los Angeles Times via NAICU)

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