Roseville votes against marriage amendment

The Roseville City Council has gone on the record unanimously opposing a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot that defines marriage as between one woman and one man.

The move means the council joins 12 other Minnesota cities that have approved resolutions opposing the amendment. No cities have voted to endorse the amendment.

Earlier this month, the Mankato City Council voted to oppose the amendment. The vote was four in favor and two abstaining. Mankato Mayor Eric Anderson cast the only vote against the city council's resolution. He said he thought his role as mayor required him to advocate for the council's neutrality on the issue.

The groups campaigning for and against the marriage amendment say engaging cities is not part of their strategy. But Kate Brickman with Minnesotans United, the biggest group opposing the amendment, said her side supports any effort to spur more conversations about who should be able to marry.

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