Bills campaign has $68,000 on hand for close of Senate campaign

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WASHINGTON - Republican Kurt Bills goes into the final weeks of the U.S. Senate campaign at a huge financial disadvantage compared to incumbent Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The Bills campaign raised $349,268 in the period between July 26 and Sept. 30 and $454,381 over the entire third quarter. The campaign has $68,262 in the bank for the final stretch of campaigning.

Klobuchar, raised about $800,000 and has $4.8 million on hand. Klobuchar's campaign is airing commercials while Bills has not yet gone on the air.

This latest report actually represents an improved financial situation for Bills. His pre-primary filing showed the campaign holding less than $6,000 in cash. In the second quarter, the Bills campaign raised $243,300.

Bills campaign manager Mike Osskopp issued this statement:

"Our fundraising numbers reflect what we have been saying all along. Our donors are thousands of middle-class Minnesotans who have been crushed by the dismal economy Amy Klobuchar helped create. Amy Klobuchar's crony capitalism gets the support of millionaires and PACs whose bidding she does in the Senate. Is it any surprise that Klobuchar has raised millions from those she uses her power to help in the Senate?"