Notes in the Margins: Retired profs, women's salaries and the flipped classroom

Student Debt Debacles Many borrowers did not learn about the differences between private and federal loans until after they became deeply indebted. And because of confusion about variable rates, they are sometimes shocked to learn what they owe when that first bill arrives. (The New York Times)

Starting salaries: How can women catch up with the guys? The American Association of University Women released a report today showing that one year after graduating college, men already made more money than women. (The Washington Post)

How retired academics can make considerable contributions to their institutions Two studies are out on academic writing in retirement. Many retired academics can contribute a good deal to research and practice. (LSE/Impact of Social Sciences)

Green Mountain College Will Feed Its Students Their 'Mascot' Oxen, Bill And Lou The school's oxen, Lou and Bill, are still set to be slaughtered, but the students who have adopted the oxen as de facto mascots didn't think the animals' deaths would come soon as next week. They certainly didn't think they'd have to eat them. (The Huffington Post)

Understanding the Flipped Classroom Although the flipped classroom is garnering a lot of attention of late, simply flipping the classroom alone does not increase student success. (Faculty Focus)

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