Notes in the Margins: Endowments, vets and minority profs

Why Professors Love Veterans What do the schools stand to gain from veterans? According to the professors who have taught them, quite a bit. (The Huffington Post)

College Endowment Returns Fall Steeply A preliminary report says the average college endowment fell by 0.3 percent, in contrast to a gain of 19.2 percent last year.


(The New York Times)

Has affirmative action gone too far? One writer argues that college admission should be based on merit, not race. (USA Today)

For-Profit Colleges Get Schooled For-profit colleges are hemorrhaging students amid increased competition from nonprofit and state schools and growing skepticism about the value of a high-cost education. (The Wall Street Journal)

Survey: Minority Faculty Feel More Stress A lead author of a report about the survey attributed the higher levels of reported stress among minority faculty to the fact that minority faculty tend to have lower rank in the world of academe. (Diverse)

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