Calvin Trillin on 'Dogfight,' presidential election

'Dogfight' by Calvin Trillin
Book cover courtesy of publisher

Writer Calvin Trillin has always found the humor in politics and the 2012 presidential campaign provided it in spades. Trillin finished his new collection of poems, "Dogfight," the day after Barack Obama's presidential re-election. This new set takes us through the highlights and lowlights of the race for the White House.

Michiko Kakutani reviewed the book in verse for the New York Times:

The 2012 campaign is Trillin's focus in "Dogfight."

Its title invokes the Romney dog Seamus's plight.

That poor Irish setter on the roof of the family car,

Whose tale so doggedly stuck to the former Olympics czar.

Trillin joined The Daily Circuit to talk about his book and look back at the 2012 elections.

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