Minn. Stars soccer now Minn. United FC

Minnesota United
The Minnesota United's new logo.
Image courtesy the Minnesota United FC

Minnesota's only professional soccer team, the minor league Minnesota Stars, are getting a new name.

The team will now be known as the Minnesota United Football Club.

Former UnitedHealth Group CEO William McGuire bought the team in November. The Stars won the league championship in 2011 and lost in the final in 2012.

Nick Rogers, McGuire's son-in-law is taking over as president of the club and said he's got high hopes for the franchise.

"One of the things that's been interesting for us is that there are just so many people ... who are just passionate about soccer and who didn't even know there was a pro team here," Rogers said. "We're really excited to share this sport and elevate this sport, with the community here."

The team had been struggling financially in recent years, and threatened to go out of business several times.

The team plays most of its games at the National Sports Center in Blaine, but is moving its first five matches to the Metrodome this spring. The first is on April 6. Minnesota United will have different colors and a new logo, based on the loon, the state bird.