Notes in the Margins: Fund-raising, free speech and lesbians

Reporting Your Neighbor's Speech? Don't Laugh, It's Coming To A College Campus Near You What you call “sexual harassment” and what the feds call “sexual harassment” are probably two vastly different things. (Forbes)

The Student Debt Crisis Is Everyone's Problem We’ve lost sight of the fact that higher education is not a product but rather both a public good and an investment in our collective future. (The Nation)

'Ride of the Valkyries' rouses Caltech students for finals In a long-standing ritual, residents at one of Caltech's dorms wake to Wagner's score during their stressful finals season. (Los Angeles Times)

Putting Strategy, Ambition and Guts Back Into College Fundraising The role of the president has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Fundraising is more important because the stakes are higher, the competition has intensified, and traditional revenue streams are tapped out or drying up. (The Huffington Post via NAICU)

Christian College Expels Lesbian Student, Asks for Tuition Danielle Powell and Michelle Rogers have started a petition asking for signatures and letters to be written to Grace University asking the university to forgive Powell's tuition debt and protesting what they consider discrimination. (ABC News via University Business)

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