Stover of South Central giving up the reins

Stover (MPR Photo / Alex Friedrich)
Stover's office door. (MPR Photo / Alex Friedrich)
Stover (MPR Photo / Alex Friedrich)

I remember meeting South Central College President Keith Stover in September 2011 during a day's visit there. (I blogged all day about what I found on campus.)

He was a dynamo early in the morning -- and was not what you'd call formal.

At the time he was focused on three things: improving the college's completion rates; improving access for underserved students; and expanding course offerings.

He's retiring now, to be replaced by Annette Parker on July 1, and the Faribault Daily News has written a story about it.

He tells the Daily News:

“Somebody with some innovative new ideas needs to come here. It’s just time to turn the reins over."

Read the full story here.

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