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Twin Cities jazz singer Nancy Harms performs “Mood Indigo”

Nancy Harms is by birth a small-town Minnesota girl. Not exactly the type of person you expect to find crooning in a New York City jazz club.

But after growing up in Clara City, Harms discovered jazz while attending Concordia College in Moorhead.

Jazz vocalist Arne Fogel writes that within a year of Harms moving to the Twin Cities, people began to take notice of her:

In the most positive sense, no one had ever seen or heard anyone quite like Nancy before: She possessed a stateliness that was unmistakable, yet she was totally unpretentious in manner.  She sang ballads with a folk-like, delicate, ethereal quality and a marvelous way of digging deep into the layers of lyrical meaning.  Initially, her most noteworthy attribute from a jazz perspective was her sense of time:  She clearly possessed a natural gift for phrasing and an innate sense of swing. Of no small in importance to her growing popularity as well was the fact that she was uniquely beautiful, in both sound and appearance.

Now you can find Harms playing in such New York City venues as Birdland Jazz Club and Smalls.

In advance of the release of her new album "Dreams in Apartments", Harms has released the music video for one of its tracks, "Mood Indigo."