House GOP leader wants more tax talk in special session

Plans for a one-day special legislative session next month to take up storm relief for 18 Minnesota counties have yet to be finalized, and Republicans say they're still waiting to negotiate with Gov. Mark Dayton.

Last week, Dayton and DFL leaders said they want the agenda to also include undoing a new tax on farm equipment repairs. Republicans, who favor the elimination of that and other new taxes, will have to agree to waive legislative rules in order to hold just a one-day session.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, said he hasn't agreed to anything yet, because he hasn't been asked. Daudt said more time might be needed to provide the needed transparency.

"Maybe it's possible that we can do a one-day special session," Daudt said. "But we ought to at least do public hearings beforehand, before we're in session, and give the public an opportunity to come in and weigh in on the impact of these things and frankly whether we should expand it and repeal some other things as well."

Matt Swenson, the governor's press secretary, said conversations have been underway at the staff level to try to set up a meeting about the parameters of a special session.

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