Why Dream Act students won’t get as much State Grant money as others

Dream Act questions answered here (edkohler via Flickr)
Dream Act questions answered here (edkohler via Flickr)

Minnesota Higher Education Commissioner Larry Pogemiller tells an Augsburg College immigrant student he'll urge a change in the State Grant formula so that unauthorized immigrants -- who can't get federal grants -- can receive more state money:

“I’m so sorry that it’s not perfect yet. It’ll get there, hopefully for your sister, for your siblings.”

At the moment, the size of a State Grant award is pegged to the amount of money a student receives from the federal Pell Grant.

Pogemiller was part of last night's Augsburg information session on the recently passed Minnesota Dream Act, which is only one of four in the country that provide financial aid to unauthorized immigrants.

You can read the full Star Tribune story here.

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