Notes in the Margins: Salary expectations, Middle Eastern universities, and the college dinosaur

Google’s Boss and a Princeton Professor Agree: College Is a Dinosaur Colleges and universities are indecisive, slow-moving, and vulnerable to losing their best teachers to the Internet. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Middle Eastern academies gauge governance for first time A World Bank study weighs strengths and flaws of universities in wake of Arab Spring. (Times Higher Education)

Should We Really Be Evaluating Colleges on Salary Expectations? Salary doesn’t have much to do with where you go to school, and everything to do with what profession one enters after. (Washington Monthly)

As the O’Bannon case inches forward, pondering paying college athletes The incidents add to a growing discussion of whether college athletes should be compensated for the value they bring to their school, beyond the funds and benefits they receive for scholarships. (USA Today)

Students stick to same majors through economic downturn, but add majors and minors While majoring in a business-related field has remained on top or close to the top of many lists at local colleges, students aren't ready to stop majoring in other fields, despite job outlooks. (The Express-Times via NAICU)

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