Singer Ann Reed will get around to it… eventually

This Saturday, folk singer Ann Reed is celebrating the release of her 21st album, titled "Eventually."

Reed was in the studios of Radio Heartland recently, where she and Joan Griffith played a few songs from the new album, including the title track.

A avid bike rider who uses a recumbent bike to get around town, Reed hauls her guitar in a bike trailer. She says the song is a little bit about biking, but it's also about being at a certain place in her life.


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When I ride the trees go by

More slowly

I'm satisfied and, no, I

don't mind I'm late

Hey, you might

Wave at me in a friendlier way

Ev'ryone is passin' me by and I don't care (3X)

I'll get there eventually

And each day there's things I may

Or may not learn

I'll concentrate to find a space

and clear some room

Inside my brain

Think I need a sizable broom

Ev'ry one is smarter than me and I don't care (3X)

I'll get there eventually

Never too late, I'm tryin'

To be okay where I am

Am I old? Oh, I don't know

Compared to what?

Well, I suppose there's some roads

I don't go down

'Cause some are closed

I just take a diff'rent way 'round

Ev'ryone is younger than me and I don't care (3X)

We all get there eventually

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Click here to hear Ann Reed perform this and other songs off the new album. Reed performs this Saturday at the Bloomington Center for the Arts.