Notes in the Margins: Corruption, religious dorms and strange stuff

The Bucks Guide to Finding Cheap Textbooks: 3rd Edition  Exorbitant college textbook prices have given rise to a “textbook rebellion,” which may be coming to a campus near you. (The New York Times)

Your stereotype of college students is bad and you should feel bad The picture of college that the news media tend to promote — of highly selective four-year schools with residential campuses — represents quite a small fraction of colleges and universities. (The Washington Post)

The Religious Dorm at the Public University A dorm on Alabama's public Troy Univeristy is among a new wave of religious-themed housing that constitutional scholars and others say is pushing the boundaries of how much a public university can back religion. (The New York Times)

The 5 strangest things we saw on university campuses this summer Some incidents only seemed to get stranger when faculty or administrators were involved. (Education Dive)

Rising university corruption linked to falling public investment A report produced by the anti-corruption agency Transparency International lays bare the extent of fraud and other types of unethical behaviour in the sector, arguing that such practices could be rising because of falling investment. (Times Higher Education via Education Dive)

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