How has the natural gas shortage affected you?

MPR News reports:

Christine McVicker and her family are paying $2.65 a gallon for the propane that heats their family's Isanti home. She says when they bought their home a decade ago, a gallon of propane cost around 75 cents. She says her supplier has warned the price could soon hit 6 dollars. McVicker has a relatively new boiler and some insulation. But she says heating her house and not the windy prairie immediately outside it remains a big challenge.

To pay the propane bill, McVicker says she's been working extra hours at her nursing job. Some long-planned home renovations are on hold. So is another vehicle purchase.

McVicker buys her propane from Lakes Gas Company, a regional distributor. Company Vice President Steve Sargeant says the rising prices can be explained with basic economics: low supply and high demand.

"This is unforeseen, we've been in business for over 54 years and at no time has the depth of the supply been restricted at the level it is now," he said.

Today's Question: How has the natural gas shortage affected you?

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