Documentary spotlights pioneering Kim Loo Sisters

Kim Loo Sisters
The Kim Loo Sisters, a singing group from Minneapolis, circa 1939.
Publicity photo by James Kriegsmann

The story of the Andrews Sisters, the singing group that started in Minneapolis and became big stars of the stage and screen, is well known. What is much less well known is the story of a group billed as the Chinese Andrews Sisters.

The Kim Loo Sisters were also from Minneapolis. They were the daughters of a Chinese father and a Polish mother. In the 1930s and 40s, they performed on vaudeville, Broadway, national radio broadcasts and in the movies. They were one of the first Asian-American acts to crossover into the mainstream entertainment industry.

A documentary currently in production tells their story. Cathy Wurzer talked with the producer Leslie Li who is the daughter of one of the Kim Loo Sisters.

For more on the documentary, click here.

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