New Vikings stadium construction to ramp up

Removing the Metrodome and harsh winter weather have limited work on the new billion dollar stadium. But now excavation on the site is more than half complete, and work on the foundation of the new stadium is about to ramp up.

Alan Troshinski, with Mortenson Construction, told the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority that there have only been about 150 workers on the site, but cement masons will be getting a lot busier.

"Concrete is well under way, and will particularly become more present on the site as excavation is allowing more area for concrete activities. A modest 4 percent of that work has been completed to date. About 4,000 cubic yards have been poured, and that's working towards a total volume of about 100,000 cubic yards," he said.

Concrete work is expected to continue through 2015. The stadium is scheduled to open in July of 2016.

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