What makes SE Tech’s BLT a little different

Bacon in every bite. (Alex Friedrich / MPR News)

Those women in the dining hall think of everything.

After eating a pretty juicy chicken burger with fries, side salad and a cola ($10), I had to try a BLT on the recommendation of 23-year-old student Franziska Andonopoulos of Chicago.

She tells me why:

"Most BLTs have to strips of bacon lying across the sandwich all sad. And they stick out, so a lot of the time bite into it and accidentally take out an entire piece of bacon. Here they wrap the bacon around in a circle, fry it, and put it into the sandwich that way. So you get a piece of bacon in every bite."

No argument here.

I realize it's pretty basic food -- chicken burgers, eggs, sandwiches. but seriously, this is the only campus so far where I've had multiple students say -- unsolicited -- how much they like the food and the folks behind the counter.

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