Henderson Sauerkraut Days are sweet and sour fun

Cooking sauerkraut
1 Cooking sauerkraut 
Sauerkraut Days
2 Sauerkraut Days 
Bratwurst and sauerkraut
3 Bratwurst and sauerkraut 
Downtown Henderson
4 Downtown Henderson 
Sauerkraut Days
5 Sauerkraut Days 
Picking up candy
6 Picking up candy 
Parade spectators
7 Parade spectators 
4H Club goat
8 4H Club goat 
Muddy uniform
9 Muddy uniform 
Eating sauerkraut
10 Eating sauerkraut 
11 Cockatoo 
12 Sauerkraut 
Eating contest
13 Eating contest 
Kraut eating contest winner
14 Kraut eating contest winner