MPD asks public to watch for terrorism ahead of All Star Game

Minneapolis Police are asking the public to watch for possible signs of terrorism when the city hosts Major League Baseball's All Star Game later this month.

There will be several days of events leading up to the July 15 game.

The police department will release a video Monday designed to teach citizens how to recognize behaviors that could signal a terrorist threat. The production will be posted online.

Minneapolis police spokesman Scott Seroka said the video expounds on the message of see something, say something.

"Things that you may notice that seem a little bit out of the ordinary. And the video takes you through some of those indicators," said Seroka.

The police department worked on the production of the video with the CELL project --the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab, he said.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan group helps educate the public in spotting criminal acts and perhaps recognizing indicators that could lead to crimes of terrororism.

A video the group produced for use in Colorado offers tips on how to recognize eight signs of terrorism, from the surveillance of a possible target to the stockpiling of weapons.

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