Small world after all? Ritchie plans push to bring World's Fair to Minnesota

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie already has plans after he leaves office next year. He wants to help Minnesota win a bid for a World's Fair in 2023.

The state is developing a bid to host an interim World's Fair, Ritchie said. The fairs typically run between major international expositions. The next big exposition will happen in Milan, Italy and in Dubai in 2020.

Minnesota could bring the off-year fairs back to the United States, Ritchie said, noting the U.S. stopped bidding for them about 30 years ago.

"We love to host people and to show them this beautiful place, our hard working, creative, innovative people, our incredible educational institution, our medical, our Mayo Clinic and all of that," Ritchie said. "The World's Fair is the kind of ideal opportunity. Minnesota is the ideal place."

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