The Daily Digest: Franken, Dayton lead in new poll

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In Minnesota

DFL Sen. Al Franken maintains a double digit advantage of his Republican opponent, Mike McFadden, in the race for the U.S. Senate seat, according to a Star Tribune poll. (Star Tribune)

In his most political speech of the election cycle, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton suggested Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson would roll back union rights, slash government spending and cut income taxes on the state’s top earners. (MPR News)

Dayton holds a double-digit lead over GOP challenger Jeff Johnson with less than two months to the election, but one in five voters have yet to make up their minds about the contest, also according to the Star Tribune poll. (Star Tribune)

Dayton is scheduled to spend $1.28 million on television ads in the Twin Cities market.  (MPR News)

Dayton is in Washington, DC today and tomorrow for fundraisers. (MPR News)

The PoliGraph weighs in on the NRCC's latest ad against DFL Rep. Rick Nolan in the 8th District. (MPR News)

Meanwhile, 8th District Republican candidate Stewart Mills is standing by one of his an attack ads against Nolan that has drawn fire from a powerful Iron Range union. (Star Tribune)

No joke: A national comedian announced this weekend that he’s going to work to defeat Minnesota Republican Congressman John Kline in the November election. (MPR News)

National Politics

There's a lot of uncertainty about just how big a threat ISIS poses. (Washington Post)

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar said on CNN the NFL should hold players accountable for their actions, especially on charges of domestic violence or child abuse. (Politico)

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa over the weekend so there are lots of fresh stories about whether she's running for President. (AP via Pioneer Press)

And finally: a hike on the Appalachian Trail ends years later with a Facebook post. (Politico)

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