Medtronic working on diabetes app for smartphones

Medtronic is trying to bring the convenience of mobile phone apps to diabetes management.

Studies show that continuous blood glucose monitoring can make managing the disease more precise, and less burdensome.

Currently, Medtronic offers glucose monitoring systems that deliver information including glucose levels, trends and warnings to either an integrated insulin pump or a separate receiver.

Medtronic is working on getting continuous glucose monitoring to a patient's smartphone.

"The data is so much more accessible on a smartphone. There's so many more opportunities for us to design things to enable the user to see their data more readily, enter more events and have their glucose information right at their fingertips," said Samantha Katz, global program manager for Medtronic Diabetes.

The product has not yet been evaluated by the FDA. Medtronic is not offering any forecast on when the device may be available to consumers.

The total cost of the disease in the United States reached an estimated $245 billion in 2012.

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