McFadden wants child care tax credits expanded

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden said Wednesday tax incentives for parents with children in day care should be consolidated and made available to parents who choose to care for their kids themselves.

McFadden cited the financial squeeze on middle class parents as he unveiled his child tax proposal. He said consolidating credits and making tax benefits available to parents who stay home with their children makes sense.

Mike McFadden Mark Zdechlik/ MPR News

"A working mother may want to work part-time or may want to care for her child directly rather than to use a child care program. And right now under the current program, she doesn't have that option if she wants to avail herself to some of these programs,"  McFadden told reporters after touring a business in Mounds View.

McFadden also said the Child Tax Credit should be increased for the first year of a newborn's life -- possibly by $2,500.

"What I'm trying to provide for the middle class is more options," McFadden said. "There's all these studies that show that the plurality of mothers want to work part time compared to full-time,  yet a majority are still working full-time because they don't have options."

McFadden said he didn't know how much his child care proposals would cost.

McFadden is also proposing that workers eligible for overtime pay be given the option of taking time off instead of money.

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