U.S. Bank to add 3,000 new jobs

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Twin Cities-based U.S. Bank plans to add up to 3,000 jobs next year.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis said many of the positions will be in the bank's compliance and audit operations. He said there will be a special effort to hire veterans and the long-term unemployed. Davis also said says he expects the jobs will be secure.

"I don't bring people on until I'm sure I can keep them all," he said. "We haven't really had any layoffs of any size through the downturn. We only bring people on when there is a sustainable and consistent job and role for them."

The bank did not say where the jobs will be added. But many of its compliance and auditing employees are based in the Twin Cities.

U.S. Bank is the country's ninth-largest bank, with nearly $400 billion in assets.

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