Photos: Behind the scenes of the Capitol face-lift

Stone work
1 Stone work 
Marble repair
2 Marble repair 
Old and new
3 Old and new 
Marble replacement
4 Marble replacement 
Rotunda work
5 Rotunda work 
Covered floor
6 Covered floor 
New plumbing
7 New plumbing 
New bathrooms
8 New bathrooms 
New beams
9 New beams 
Cantilever stairway
10 Cantilever stairway 
Oval skylight
11 Oval skylight 
New lunch counter
12 New lunch counter 
Covered stairway
13 Covered stairway 
Heating duct
14 Heating duct 
New sprinklers
15 New sprinklers 
New hearing room
16 New hearing room 
New chambers
17 New chambers 
Original wiring
18 Original wiring 
Boring sites
19 Boring sites 
Great Hall
20 Great Hall 
Air duct
21 Air duct 
Original skylights
22 Original skylights 
New gallery space
23 New gallery space 
Moving air duct
24 Moving air duct 
Removing wire mesh
25 Removing wire mesh 
Casting shadows
26 Casting shadows 
New public space
27 New public space 
Capitol renovation
28 Capitol renovation