What do you make of the bird flu outbreak?

Turkey farmer Greg Langmo recently lost the 11,000 turkeys who lived in this barn to avian influenza Tuesday, April 28, 2015 in Litchfield. Jennifer Simonson | MPR News

Bird flu has struck its biggest operation yet in Minnesota -- a farm with over 1.1 million chickens in Nicollet County.  The number of farms hit by the virus across the state has now grown to 80, and bird flu has cost Minnesota poultry producers over 5.3 million birds.

Since the outbreak began in March, the virus has inflicted a financial and emotional toll on farmers. Some wonder if they can survive.  Gov. Mark Dayton has offered his support for the latest legislative proposal related to Minnesota’s avian flu outbreak, which would make available $200,000 in low-interest loans to turkey farmers to replace their flocks.

Today's Question: What do you make of the bird flu outbreak?

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