Daily Digest: High stakes at the U.N.

Good morning. Here's your Tuesday Digest.

1. Could the stakes have been any higher as the leaders of the U.S. and Russia went to the United Nations and laid out their conflicting visions for what should happen in Syria? (New York Times)

2. Donald Trump released a tax plan, which he says would cut taxes for most Americans but still be revenue neutral. It's short on details, but some initial analysis shows it would likely give top earners a huge tax cut and  explode the deficit.  (Politico)

3. Conservatives are asking themselves, why aren't Planned Parenthood's poll numbers dropping? (Washington Post)

4. A state commissioner has rejected a request from more than a dozen cities to make police body cam videos private. (Star Tribune)

5. Three former coaches at the University of Minnesota Duluth allege that discrimination cost them their jobs. (MPR News)

Heads up: There will be no Digest on Wednesday.

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