Daily Digest: Joe’s a no-go

Good morning and welcome to Thursday. One story dominated political news yesterday.

1. If you guessed that it was Vice President Joe Biden's decision not to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, give yourself a gold star. (New York Times)

2. There's lots of analysis out there about why Biden didn't get in. His own explanation makes perfect sense: He ran out of time. (Washington Post)

3. With Hillary Clinton set to testify before the House Benghazi committee today, here's a nice recap of the issue minus the politics. (PBS Newshour)

4. Minnesota lawmakers looking at the prison population discovered that few people who break gun laws serve what are supposed to be minimum sentences. (MPR News)

5. Gov. Dayton wants more safety measures for BNSF trains transporting crude oil through Minneapolis. (MPR News)

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