Bloomington music man, 101, revives his love songs from 1930s

David Dole
In the 1930s, David Dole wrote love songs -- but he didn't write out the musical notes. Now, with the help of his son and several friends, Dole is creating sheet music for those songs.
Britta Greene | MPR News

Bloomington resident David Dole, 101, has dusted off an old binder of song lyrics he wrote back in the 1930s. They're mostly love songs, written for the girls he was dating. And while he wrote down all his lyrics at the time, he didn't write out the musical notes — or melodies — for the songs.

So now, with help from his son Brian and a couple of friends, he's creating sheet music for several of the songs.

He hopes to finish the project within the next year, compiling the songs in a book for his family to play and enjoy for years to come.

Click on the audio link above to hear Dole's story.

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