Photos: Vikings stadium 90 percent complete

The U.S. Bank stadium is 90 percent complete.
1 Every day, more than 1,300 people still report to work at the stadium site, between two shifts that run from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. At the top, workers are installing sound baffling and re-doing part of the snow gutter, where a moisture barrier didn't completely stop last fall's rains along the edge of the roof. 
Construction workers hang from scaffolding
2 Construction workers hang from scaffolding at the west end. "All the big, high, heavy work is done," Mansell said. "We're also finishing up all the electrical, mechanical work up in the catwalk, and we'll start punching our way from the top down." 
There is a six story scoreboard at the east end.
3 In the stadium's bowl, crews install seats at the rate of about one per minute, and they are testing the two video scoreboards -- the smallest of which is more than five stories tall. 
Dave Mansell, M.A. Mortenson Co.
4 Dave Mansell, general superintendent of M.A. Mortenson Co., talks about the progress during a media tour on Tuesday. 
The stadium will hold 73,000 fans.
5 Mansell said that down on the field they're burying drain pipe, grading a bed of gravel and getting ready to put down an asphalt base. "And we're scheduled to put the turf down on May 9," he added. 
Construction workers move metal frames.
6 Mansell helps construction workers move metal frames that were used for window covers. But stadium officials took note that the heavy lifting is done -- literally -- since all the cranes have been removed from the inside of the building. 
The stadium will cost over $1.1 billion to build.
7 The stadium will hold 73,000 fans and will cost over $1.1 billion to construct. 
The windows give fans a view of downtown.
8 The fixed roof stadium has a translucent roof and movable front windows. The windows and roof allow natural light to enter into the stadium, and give fans a view of downtown. 
The Hyundai Club at U.S. Bank Stadium
9 The Hyundai Club at U.S. Bank Stadium is 30,000 square feet and can hold over 4,000 people. 
There's retractable glass in the Hyundai Club.
10 There is a retractable glass wall in the club that opens up into the stadium bowl. 
The club area can hold over 4,000 people.
11 The club will also be used for meetings and events, with multiple bars for food and drinks. 
The Vikings stadium project is 90 percent complete
12 After the turf goes down on May 9, they will stripe the field and get ready to aim the lights. The speakers are already in place. 
The stadium will host the Super Bowl in 2018.
13 Fans will likely get their first look at a game in early August. The stadium is scheduled to host Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, 2018.