Photos: The new stadium says the Vikings are coming

The field of the new Vikings stadium
1 The field of the new Vikings stadium, during a media tour. The new stadium is nearly twice as large as the Metrodome. 
One of the entryways of the new stadium
2 One of the entryways of the new stadium. The stadium is nearly 30 stories high at the peak. 
The new stadium seating capacity is 66,200.
3 The seating capacity is 66,200, expandable to 70,000 for events like Super Bowl LII. 
The field of the new stadium
4 The field of the new stadium. 
The new stadium is 1,750,000 square feet.
5 The new stadium is 1.75 million square feet. 
Legacy ship in the plaza, as seen from the stadium
6 The Legacy ship in Medtronic Plaza, designed to look like a Viking ship, as seen through glass, began installation on Tuesday. 
Worker at the top of the seats.
7 A worker at the top of the seats during a media tour. Groundbreaking for the stadium was in December 2013. 
Lounge areas in the seats
8 Lounge areas in the seats. There are about 8,200 club seats in the stadium. 
At peak, the stadium had 1500 workers on site.
9 At its peak, the stadium had 1,500 workers on site every day. 
More than 40 artists have work on display.
10 More than 40 artists, including 36 from Minnesota, were selected to contribute 350 works, 250 photographs and two concourse murals. 
Michele Kelm-Helgen, right, in the Hyundai Club
11 Michele Kelm-Helgen, right, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, guides media through the Hyundai Club on the lower club level between the 30-yard lines. 
Minneapolis reflected in the glass.
12 Minneapolis reflected in the glass. 
Outside the locker room
13 Outside the locker room during a media tour. The first Vikings game will be played in August. 
Players pass through a walkway to get to the field
14 The Delta 360 Club includes a walkway that players pass through as they go out onto the field. 
Cambria quartz surfaces in the Medtronic Club.
15 Cambria quartz surfaces are featured prominently in the Medtronic Club, seen here, and in other clubs and suites in the stadium. 
Seats are closest to sidelines of any NFL stadium.
16 The stadium has seats closest to the sidelines of any NFL stadium. 
The FMP Club on the upper club level.
17 The FMP Club on the upper club level is 11,643 square feet. 
The first event a soccer game on Aug. 3.
18 The first event in the new stadium is a soccer game on Aug. 3. 
SKOL 1, by artist Peyton Scott Russell
19 "SKOL 1" by artist Peyton Scott Russell hangs in a large stairway at the stadium. 
Glass walls bring in lots of light.
20 Natural light pours into the stadium. When the sun goes down, the stadium has an LED lighting system that is the first of its kind to be included in an NFL stadium. 
The Hyundai Club faces the field.
21 The Hyundai Club faces the field and an expansive swath of seats. 
The roof is 200,000 s.f. of transparent ETFE.
22 The stadium features the only transparent ETFE roof (60 percent) on a sports facility in the U.S. It is designed to let light in, like glass, but is lighter, more economical and self-cleaning. 
The Vikings Are Coming, by Greg Gossel
23 "The Vikings Are Coming" is a pop-inspired mural by Minneapolis artist Greg Gossel on the U.S. Bank Stadium's north side.