Prince mention tops Minnesota’s DNC roll call

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison shared the duty of making Minnesota’s roll call speech Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Minnesota delegates gave 47 votes to Bernie Sanders, who won the state precinct caucuses back in March, and 42 votes to Hillary Clinton.

But before sharing the votes, Klobuchar and Ellison dropped a lot of names as evidence of “great state” status. Klobuchar began with a rhyme.

“The state of Prince’s Purple Rain and the birthplace of Tim Kaine,” Klobuchar said.

She also mentioned Gov. Mark Dayton, Sen. Al Franken, Vice President Walter Mondale.

Ellison then followed up with a nod to Hubert Humphrey and a reference to his 1948 convention speech on civil rights. Ellison, who was an early supporter of Sanders, announced the state votes for Sanders.

Klobuchar announced the state number for Clinton.

Minnesota Republicans also mentioned Prince when they cast their ballots last week in Cleveland.

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